Thursday, 19 September 2013

Sunnah acts of Jumuah

1. To take a bath.

2. To wear nice and clean clothes.
3. To proceed early to the Masjid.
4. To go to the Masjid on foot.
5. To try to sit as close as possible to the Imaam.
6. If the Saffs (rows) are already filled, one should not jump over the shoulders of the musallies in order to get to the front.

7. One should not do any futile action eg. one should not fiddle with one’s clothes or fingers.
8. To listen to the Khutba attentively.
9. The person who recites Surah Kahaf on Friday will be bestowed with a Noor( Spiritual light) from under the Arsh (The Throne of Allah Ta’ala) which will extend from the earth till the sky and will benefit him in the darkness of the Day of Qiyaamah. All his (minor) sins which he had committed from the previous Jumu’ah up to this Jumu’ah will be forgiven.
10. Rasulullah () is reported to have said, “Recite Durood upon me in abundance on the day of Jumua’h since they are presented to me.”
11. On the day of Jumua’h it is sunnah to apply oil to the hair and to use it or any other sweet smelling fragrance.

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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Dynamic of the winds.

An happening from the sentence of our dear sanctified diviner Mohammad(PBUH) portrays rattling elaborately how search and impartation knowledge is reasoned an increasingly pleasing and noble chore.
During the real oldest conflict that occurred between the Muslims (believers) and non-believers, the Muslims emerged successful by the propriety of God. They captured several prisoners of war; lxx to be literal. The Place Religionist Mohammad(PBUH) regulated that if the literary prisoners apiece taught a Ruler offspring to register and make they would be released.

"In the creation of the heavens and the world the alternation of the night and the day, in the ships that sheet in the sea with their load…. in the successiveness which Allah sends land from the sky and thusly revives the material after its death; and then He condiment in all kinds of animals; in the dynamic of the winds: in the clouds which somebody been leftish suspending between the heaven and the world -in all these are pay signs for the grouping who see" (2:164)

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Monday, 13 May 2013

None is applaudable of love.

The first conception of Divinity in Monotheism states that none is applaudable of love but God Powerful. He shares powers with no separate and has authority over all, beingness the dominant dominant of the macrocosm and all its contents. (learning quran)

All of the Messengers of Allah preached the aforementioned beliefs. They all brought with them the identical coupling message that Allah is One and is the flatfish Creator of the full world. It is not sufficiency to but say that God is One but it moldiness be echoic in one's doings and lead. He is the exclusive Sustainer of the worlds and should not be mentation to eff partners (shirk-the act of presumptuous partners with Allah).
So for a soul to resilient according to the Present of Allah or get a right Moslem, he or she moldiness judge in the Dominion and Identicalness of Allah Almighty. One moldiness countenance it by hunch and clapper and secondly support the fact that Muhammad (PBUH) is the exam and most dear Vaticinator of God.

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Quran tells us to read the Holy Book.

Appealingness also reminds Muslims of the Noesis and Humaneness of God. It reminds His followers that exclusive God is the one who has a book in occurrence and no one else. He is the one who controls everything. He is the one who has to be prayed to in infertility and in well-being. It reinforces God and His country, compassion and presence. If a competitor prays to God, God instrument eye to him.

"When My tie says (in his substance): 'All message for God, the Baronage of the worlds', I say: 'My enslaved has praised me.' When he says: 'the Humanist, the Sorrowfulness, Belligerent of the Day of Assessment', I say: 'My work has praised and glorified Me'. When he says: 'You uncomparable we worship and Your Aid we assessment', I say: 'This is between My indentured and Myself.'

When he says: 'Cover us the Rectangular Guide, the course of those on whom You change presented Your Thanksgiving, not of those who attained Your undergo nor of those who went astray', I say: 'This is for My enthralled, if a Muhammadan prays to God and seeks His resource regularly, then there is no incertitude that he write yet be mentally, physically etc.

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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Knowledge for all of mankind.

Vindicatory as the conception of foretelling ended on our beatified Religionist Muhammad (PBUH), the idea of revelations ended with the Holy Qur'an. This volume was transmitted as a downright source of control and knowledge for all of mankind and for them to help from it. Thing by serving the verses came doctor as a content for a convinced measure point and a item condition rife in the society. Not exclusive was it meant for the grouping of that era but for every living feeling then, now and in the ulterior to read and clench the show of our lord.

The place Quran is a thanks on the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). A variety of the revelations that preceded it, the Quran has answers to all the questions that become in our deal. It has the secernment of beingness the most widely memorized production in the uncastrated reality. The meanings are in such a complex and exquisite faculty that no earthborn beingness can agree its highly Inspired level.

The Quran and sunnaah of Muhammad (PBUH) are the supposition of a skilled and spaciotemporal mode. Undeniably, the act of indication, reciting and perceiving verses of the Playscript is a exploit of high benefit and orison. Our Beloved Muhammed (PBUH) has mentioned its standing individual nowadays:

"The best of those amongst you is the one who learns the Quran and then teaches it to others."

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Re: Islam Q

I was wondering what is the ruling on someone who leaves the Salat? What I'm curious about is that I know many Muslims, including family who have Imaan and are Muslim, believe in Allah, but they never observe the salat. They wouldn't be considered kaffirs, would they?

It is not blasphemy if they believe it is a duty. However, if they scoff at it or make fun of it, or shows disrespect to it in any way, then they are not Muslims. This is by consensus. Moreover, many scholars, such as Ahmad ibn Hanbal and some Shaafiˆiys considered leaving one of the 5 prayers out of laziness to be blasphemy ( i.e. even without showing disrespect). This is in disagreement with Abuu Ĥaniifah and the majority of scholars.

SUNDAY, APRIL 08, 2007

Witr questions

Question: :
1. A brother told me that we must recite the last three Suurah of the Qur'aan: Al-Ikħlaaş, Al-Falaq, Al-Naas in the 3th rakˆah of Witr, Does this have an origin?
2. Also this brother told me that after the Takbiir for Qunuuţ in the 3th rakˆahs of Witr we must not fold hands but raise them like in duˆaa' and leave them them like that for the duration of the Qunuuţ duˆaa'. He told me that this was related from Abuu Ĥaniifah by his student Abuu Yuusuf (recorded in Al-Ĥaşkafiy, Ibn ˆAabidiin) Is this true?

1. You can recite any Suurah after Al-Faatiĥah in all three rakˆahs of Witr Prayer.
2. The Madħhab is to put one's hands like when reciting Al-Faatiĥah in the Prayer. Raising the hands as in duˆaa' is the saying of Abuu Yuusuf and is not the Madħhab. 

Re: [fiqh-hanafi:2] Using Fragrance in Ahraam and Halaq in Jeddah

1. A person used Fragrance (perfume) on his Ahraam for ^Umrah. But later (after coming back from ^Umrah), learnt that it is forbidden to use perfume once in Ahraam. What he should do now?

Answer: He must slaughter a sheep for each separate time he put perfume while in iĥraam. The slaughtering must be made in the Haram area in Makkah, by the person himself, or someone he has appointed to do it for him.

2. The same person on another occasion after ^Umrah went to Jeddah with Ahraam and got his haircut, then got Halaal (changed his Ahraam). Is this allowed or he should have got his hair cut within the Haram area? If he was incorrect, how to compensate for it?

Answer: He must slaughter a sheep for having cut his hair outside the Ĥaram area. The slaughtering must be made in the Haram area in Makkah, by the person himself, or someone he has appointed to do it for him.